Zac Efron And Vanessa Seen Together, Again! Who Is Zac Efron’s “New” Girlfriend?

 Zac Efron was spotted holding hands with Vanessa! Know all the details

Yes, you heard it right Zac and Vanessa were seen together again. No, it’s not the High School Musical couple “Troy and Gabriella” (played by Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens), but Zac and his new girlfriend, Vanessa Valladares!

The news that this Baywatch hottie has been dating a waitress that he met at a café in New South Wales spread like forest fire. His female-fans are not just ready to believe that they were not at that café instead! 

Zac Efron spotted with rumoured girlfriend Vanessa Valladares(Source:Splash)

It indeed sounds as a story of a rom-com, or maybe it will be some-day?! The word was that the actor has been to a lot of beachy locations and has made quite a decision of leaving L.A. behind. “I gotta get out of Hollywood, I’m done. It’s not a place conducive to living a long, happy, mentally-sound life” he said. “I love California, and I just think that the dense population of people and city life is clearly not leading to many centenarians.” It is one of these visits through which apparently he met his new friends including “Thor”, Chris Hemsworth and his new love interest, local waitress and Australian model Vanessa Valladares.

Is it all Official?

After the news broke, the couple was spotted for the first time together visiting a farm, and then for a meal at a trendy restaurant hub in Byron Bay. Paparazzi spotted them holding hands too!! There have been talks that Valladares has left waitressing and is focusing on her modelling career. Now that we know about Efron visiting these different locations from time to time, people have also made assumptions that they are living together. The duo is supposedly living together at Efron’s rented Belongil Beach house for almost three long months now.


Zac Efron-Vanessa Valladres(Source:Shutterstock and Instagram)

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During the shoot of Baywatch, where he stars alongside The Rock, Priyanka Chopra, Pamela Anderson, David Hasselhoff and many more, they shot most of the film in Australia. Efron said, “I’ve fallen in love with Australia and the fans out here, the people, the culture, the beach. I’ve come out for most of my premieres, every chance I had the opportunity to. [I’ve] made great friends over the years here. I kind of sneak over here on my own time as well.” Zac also extended his tourist visa from three months to twelve months according to some sources. 

Who is Vanessa Valladares?

Vanessa Valladares via Instagram

Vanessa,(25-years old) is an aspiring model from Australia. She also used to wait tables; that is how she met Efron. She has worked with esteemed Australian brands including Love Street, Of the Sun, and Efron’s personal favourite, RCVA. She has shared many of her professional shoots on her official Instagram page. Apart from that, she has also posted multiple shots on the beach while enjoying surfing. On the other side, Efron loves water sports and the ocean, which he shows clearly on his posts on Instagram and of course his show, Down to Earth with Zac Efron.


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